Amazing World

When you follow your dream, when you find that path that pulls you along, you find at the end of the road an amazing world.

You know you are on that path when you realize you laugh until your stomach hurts, that the people you are traveling with are so entwined with your own being that not spending time with them actually brings you physical pain, you know you are on that path when you wake with a start each morning wondering why you went to sleep at all.

Artists That Have Found That Path…

Art Wolf – Photography

Fin Art – Vintage materials into masterful pieces of modern furniture

Let Arts Roam –  Amazing muriels

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  1. LOVE Art Wolf – he came to a photo class I was taking to speak back in the 1990’s and always have kept an eye on his work and community efforts since. Awesome.

    • Almost all of my Facebook friends are professional professional photographers so he was recommended an also became a friend. He would post these absolutely amazing photos so I sent him an e-mail asking where I could see more of his work (I had no idea of who he was). He sent back an e-mail that I could see his photos in National Geographic…Little bit of embarrassment.

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