Health Improvement Is A Real Challenge, But Can Be A Bargain: Try Biking Seattle’s Interurban Trail

Health Improvement Is A Real Challenge, But Can Be A Bargain: Try Biking Seattle’s Interurban Trail

Photo Compliments of Shelly Munkberg

Photo Compliments of Shelly Munkberg

The Interurban Trail from Lynnwood to Everett is one of the easy Seattle bike trails, still, it is a great workout; there are no strenuous hills. The path is paved and very well marked. The segments that are on-street riding are very safe. Scenery is not spectacular, but pleasant. You can be on the trail in 30 minutes and get in a round trip bikes ride that is 30 miles. The one warning is that there are no on-trail toilet facilities so plan appropriately.

General Interurban Trail Information

Trail Length

The Interurban Trail from Lynnwood to Everett is 15.1 miles of designated paved trail, it is 12 foot wide, and generally there are no hills to navigate.

Trail Overview

The Interurban Trail is a regional hard surfaced, non-motorized trail located in the PUD/PNW traction right-of-way. The trail begins in North Seattle and continues north through Shoreline, Edmonds, Mountlake Terrace, Lynnwood, unincorporated Snohomish County, and ends in Everett.

After leaving the parking lot, and you have crossed over the overpass, you follow the trail along I-5 past Alderwood Mall and then along 405; several stretches here are on bike lanes or sidewalks rather than true trails (it is quite easy to follow this first part of the trail). After you cross under 525/405, you will be on Maple Road. It’s a short climb over I-5 to the intersection of Butternut Rd where the paved trail resumes. The trail is well marked. Print out the map and you will have no problems following the trail.

You are now back on the trail for a stretch, there is a detour over to 13 Ave W/Meadow Rd, and then you connect back with the trail. It’s well-signed and easy to follow. Once on the trail along I-5, you follow it a mile or two before you once again hit a road, this time Meridian. Follow it around to 128th, then cross and head west on 128th back toward the freeway; the trail resumes right along the freeway on ramp. The trail crosses I-5 here and the trail resumes on the other side in two directions. Heading left (south) will take you back to 128th, heading right (north) continues the ride to Everett. To make life easier you don’t want to miss this overpass on the way back.

From here, the trail follows I-5 before veering off onto Mall Drive to bypass the Everett Mall. Follow Mall Dr. across Everett Mall Way; the trail resumes at the end of the road and immediately heads west to follow 526 to Casino Way where it crosses under and loops back to its original line via a short stretch on Commercial Ave. From here it’s easy to follow the signs for another 3 miles, until the trail runs out at Colby and 41st.

Directions-How To Reach The Trailhead

Parking is available at S Lynnwood Neighborhood Park & Ride Lot on 44th Avenue West. There is an access point to the trail from the parking lot. This parking lot is a transit center for Community Transit. You can make connections from metro by clicking King County online trip planner. If you are coming car click the Lynnwood Park & Ride map.

Trail Map

Interurban Tail Map

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