Recipes to Recreate That Special Thanksgiving-Christmas Celebration Meal

Recipes to Recreate That Special Thanksgiving-Christmas Celebration Meal

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Recipes to recreate that special Thanksgiving-Christmas celebration meal…Holidays are such a special celebration of friends and family, events that bind us together by tradition.  We laugh and ridicule some of the dishes that different family members contributed year after year to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s, but we still fix those same dishes far after they pass.  We weave them into the tradition as way of having them continue to celebrate with us, to continue to sit around the table and share those special moments.

The first time you can’t make it home for the holidays, or it is too expensive to transport a new young family across country to share a holiday it leaves a pretty big hole of sadness that isn’t always easy to fill.  The women and men of Pinterest have gathered some of their favorite recipes to help you recreate some of that magic.

Recipes to Recreate That Special Holiday Magic

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  1. Hello Charlie… if weather allows my daughter and family will come here for Thanksgiving which means it won’t be vegetarian like mine is if we are alone… lol…. Michelle

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