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Get the Lowest Prices Using Comparison Price Search Engines

Comparison Pricing Search Engines

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If you’re not using price comparison search engines, you’re wasting a lot of time, and in most cases you’re not getting the best deal. I’ve found the trick is to use the engine with the most comprehensive results and then just like any software application, learn how to use it.

The best sites make it super fast and easy to dig up the best price; on the other hand, the worst ones can be significant time wasters. The savings on large ticket items is obvious, but you can see five to ten dollar price variations in even items under twenty five dollars.

The Criteria I Use To Choose Price Comparison Sites

  • Product choices are broad enough to include the product of interest
  • The deal information should be up-to-date and accurate
  • There are helpful search options to filter results
  • Vendors on the site are trustworthy
  • Product reviews are reliable and are easy to see
  • There is access to technical/spec information
  • Customer service should be helpful and available

Below are the price comparison engines I’m using now, I’d love your feedback, comments, or constructive suggestions.

What I Like About

I found that consistently this site gave me the best pricing and included the cost of tax and shipping when the zip code was entered; I found this site really easy to use. Reviews and technical information is easy to access, a feature on this site gives you the ability to set a target price and receive alerts.

What I like About Google Shopping

Google Shopping

Google’s is good at finding the lowest prices on many of the items and it is easy to customize search criteria; the search criteria is much more granular than most sites. What I do is use PriceGrabber as my primary site and then I do a comparison with the same search on Google Shopping.

What I like About NexTag


I found the pricing information was better on PriceGrabber and Google, but this site is third on my list. It is easy to compare prices and to get product specs on this site. As with, you can sign up for price alerts. I love that it shows the adjusted price with tax and shipping.

Search Smart

My recommendation for any one tying to take advantage of these tools is to start with the site you like best and then try at least one additional site when you are serious about making a purchasing decision. No one site always turns up all the best prices. When you are searching, be as specific as you can with search terms, this will definitely improve your results.  In addition it is helpful to click through to the store to make sure the pricing is accurate.  You should know the model number, and get coupon codes, this will save you a bunch. Reach out to and for coupon codes.

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