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Do You Want To Learn Photography, Volunteer, Go For a Hike: Meetups May Be Your Answer


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Have you spent the last year wanting to go to the opera, sitting through the foreign film societies complete series this coming spring, learning photography, hiking in the parks and wooded area of your city, but felt uncomfortable doing it alone…Meetup is the perfect tool. You can find like-minded souls to do these things cheaply.

I typically hike with the Mountaineers here in Seattle and Washington state, but for personal reasons I can’t seem to get out of Seattle this summer so I used Meetup and joined a group of hikers who are focused on hiking in all of our city parks and reaching the starting point for those hikes using mass transit. I have come to realize that all of these hikes seem to end very close to a fabulous restaurant so losing weight doing this has been difficult; still I have met some pretty wonderful people and shared some really great adventures, and done this without breaking my really tight budget. I want to write the great American novel so used this tool and found a group that comes together monthly where we share the writing we have done. I want my blog to reach more folks so I joined two groups that meet in downtown Seattle to discuss and share thoughts on how to make improvements


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More than 9,000 groups get together in local communities each day with a vast spectrum of interests, goals, and purposes. Meetup has 18.5 million members, and 169,900 interest groups. Right now as you are reading this there are 3,762 meetups in progress.

How Much Does Meetup Cost

Meetup does not charge members to join, does not charge a subscription fee to use the site, or go to meetings. Each group organizer does pay a monthly due of right around $19 to run their groups so some organizers do charge their members a membership fee, event fee, or dues. One of my blogging groups requires that I pay $5.00 for each monthly meeting (this defrays the meeting site costs). When I sign up for each meeting for this group I pay that through PayPal, the organizer has arranged that. The writing group takes up a collection at the meeting, and the group leader for my hiking group does not pass that cost on to those who show up to each weekly hike.

How Does It Work


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You sign-up as a member; when you do this you complete a personal profile that asks about your interests and your location. This is a very easy and simple process. Once you select the groups you want to join you are sent e-mail notices…This could not be easier.

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  1. I agree on photography meetups. I have met many friends through them and have gone some nice places.
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