Spring Gardening in Seattle

Everyone has that special thing  that helps them reach a sense of happiness.  I am one of many people that reach that place by digging in the dirt, gardening.  I have always puttered in the yard.  It was several years ago that I became earnest and pulled out all the grass, I replaced it with arborist chips.  I replanted with the goal of getting the right plant in the right spot so that they would thrive and would not be constantly struggling to survive.  The goal was to create an eco system that would support butterflies and hummingbirds.   I am discovering that gardening helps me attain that feeling that I am happy in my own skin.  This year I am going to grow at least some of the vegetables and herbs I consume.  I really don’t know much about growing vegetables so I started my research with the book Edible Gardening for Washington and Oregon by Marianne Binetti and Alison Beck (I purchased this at Hal-Price Books so I was participating in recycling.  So really new for me.).  I found the answer line and the classes at Seattle Tilth Hotline to be a wealth of information on gardening in the Seattle metro area.  Talking to real gardeners I was directed to online sites like Garden Web Forum as a source of information.  I purchased the vegetable seeds from Territorial Seed Company. Being in Zone 8 I wanted the seeds to come from my same zone and I wanted to work with an organization that could provide me with a lot of information on how to grow the seeds.  This company was recommended by instructors at the Horticulture program at Edmonds community college and it got excellent reviews from the online gardening forums.  The subject of herbs has been a little harder, but I found Mary Preus from here in the Northwest to have several that were very good.  I started with the northwest herb lover’s handbook.  Because I wanted herbs primarily to grow herbal teas I sourced my seeds from Richters Herbs.  In this instance I broke my rule about buying locally.  Richters is located in Ontario.

One of my more delightful discoveries was that if you do not have space for a small vegetable garden there are programs in metropolitan Seattle and on the Eastside to provide you with those resources.  If you need that assistance please visit P-Patch Community Gardens for Seattle residents and for King County click King County Community Gardens.

I have started to visit the following blogs to expand my gardening knowledge related to vegetable gardening.  They include:

From Seed to Table

A Way to

Backyard Gardening Blog

National Gardening Association

If you have sites, books, organizations that you would like to share that you think would be useful please do.


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