Herbal teas…tension and stress reducers

Anxiety, stress, and occasionally sleep deprivation certainly impacts me as it does many of my friends in the Seattle community.  I am always searching for remedies that relieve the symptoms of anxiety and tension.  I have discovered that herbal teas added to the daily diet and routine have a long history of success.  I am hoping for similar results so I am adding the herbs below to my garden:

Lemon Thyme (promotes relaxation)

Cowslip (solution for insomnia)

Catnip (curative for restlessness and nervousness, and insomnia)

Lemon Catnip (curative for restlessness and nervousness, and insomnia)

Bergamot, Violet Queen (tea for headaches)

Apple Mint (fruity flavor for drinks and teas)

Orange Mint (adds refreshing taste)

Lime Balm (relieves tension)

St John’s Wart (anti-depressant)

Borage (reduces depression)

Lemon Balm (calming effect)

My first attempt at growing these herbs will be as early as our last frost here in Seattle.  This would be at the very end of April this year and into early May.  If anyone can share their experience growing these herbs or brewing these teas the information would be greatly appreciated.  I am especially interested in any personal experience with the results.  I have spent weeks looking at different sources of information and now I am looking for instructions on brewing the teas and more importantly results.

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