Far Reaches Farm

Far Reaches FarmFar Reaches Farm

Far Reaches Farm is “a plant geek’s fantasy” which becomes evident the moment you pull into the parking lot. When you are getting out of the car you quickly recognize that this experience will be unlike any retail nursery you have visited.  When I was the first to arrive on Easter morning I was greeted by Kelly who apologized for not being a retailer and was then happy to spend 25 minutes with me showing the range of Trillium’s offered because that was my interest and going back through the lineage of each species, it was a thoroughly rewarding experience.  The staff as a whole had this same extensive knowledge of all things plants.  The quality of the plants, the rare treasures, and the knowledge of the staff is unsurpassed by any nursery I have been to in Washington.   In fact over the past several years this nursery has become western Washington’s premier source for rare and interesting botanical treasures.  If you compare this nursery to the Washington Park Arboretum which covers over 200 acres, and holds 4,000 species of plants you will find The Far Reaches Farm has 6,000 plant species on its property.   The proprietors are Kelly Dodson and Sue Milliken who frequently travel abroad on botanical expeditions bringing back various specimens.  They are also actively engaged in an often overlooked practice that is just as important; that is, the preservation and propagation of a wide variety of plant introductions old and new that have excellent value in Northwest garden yet have still never caught on in general nursery commerce, remaining very scarce. There is such a broad variety of unique plants that deserve a chance in our gardens, and here you can find many of them in one place.

In addition to the extensive outdoor sales area and two or three sales greenhouses, Far Reaches also has well-established display beds full of interesting plants, including some of their unique collections, and also featuring a pond with a newly planted bog garden, a and a green-roof gazebo.  A major highlight is the shade garden, which is spread out underneath a grand-scale classic lath house; it is packed full of very special and unique shade perennials, ferns, and shrubs.

The nursery is easy to find, but hours vary so you will want to check their web site before heading out; or better yet you can subscribe to their newsletter.   Check out the reviews that primarily speak to their online outlet.


Far Reaches Farm (Map)

Sue Milliken & Kelly Dodson are the owners

1818 Hastings Avenue,

Port Townsend, WA98368

(360) 385-5114

You will take the Washington State Ferry form Edmonds to Kingston (30 minute Crossing).  Far Reaches Farm is in Port Townsend which is 39 miles north of Kingston (Map).  Port Townsend is a wonderful spot to have breakfast or lunch in a restaurant on the water.  This is part of the enjoyment of this trip.

Additional Information

Reviews on Dave’s Garden

Full Plant List

Mail Order Instruction


  1. I love places like this and have been known to drive all day to reach one. i hope enough people shop at this one to keep it in business.
    New Hampshire Gardener recently posted..Things I’ve SeenMy Profile

  2. They are in Port Townsend which is a beautiful setting so close to the water. After we visited we drove on to Ruby Beach (the sea stacks along here are the ones seen in most photos) along the ocean. It is amazingly beautiful.

    The nursery does a thriving business and gets rave reviews as does their mail order business.

  3. Hope the Farm will do great! Beautiful video.

  4. That is great that the owners go to so much trouble and expense to have a selection of plants found in travels and those underused. The nursery that my friend owns grows all his own trees and shrubs, but all of them are commonly used varieties. I appreciate nurseries like Far Reaches Farm.
    Donna recently posted..1. The Best Gardening Advice – Just DoingMy Profile

    • It is amazing to be in the nursery. You can stop when they open at 10 and not realize you have spent 2 and 3 hours talking to the staff, and talking with other customers who chat and share freely because they have come to meet folks with a common interest and high level of plant knowledge. It is a special place.
      Charlie@Seattle Trekker recently posted..Washington Cherry BlossomsMy Profile

  5. Charlie! Wow! Thank you – you made our day! Next time you come out, remind me to show you the good stuff – you’ve earned a romp through the stock houses.


    • I work in start-up companies and got the bug for horticulture 4 or 5 years ago. About three years ago I was rewarded by the company I worked for with a week off and my expenses paid for a trip to the Atlantis resort. I was taking a horticulture class at the same time and had a chance to spend time propagating in their green house. I turned down the trip to the Caribbean and spent the week in the greenhouse. It was an amazing week.
      Charlie@Seattle Trekker recently posted..Washington Cherry BlossomsMy Profile

  6. Cheryl Boyce says:

    Driving from Seattle, have been going to Far Reaches Farm for years, start to salivate in anticipation the night before.

  7. I have shopped their offerings at plant sales and have always been impressed; this was my first trip to their nursery. I wanted to combine stopping at the nursery with a trip to the beach. I got there when it opened and spent 20 to 30 minutes talking to Kelly, I spent time talking to the staff, time talking to several customer, and then I bought plants after waking through the shade garden. I had planned to spend 30 minutes. I think I spent close to 2 hours and I can’t wait to go back again. It wasn’t Iowa, I think this was heaven.

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