Lupinus Russell Hybrids, Lupines: Huge Erect Spikes of Densely-Packed, Pea-Like Flowers

Lupinus Russell Hybrids

Photo Compliments of Shane Ede

Lupinus Russell Hybrids, hybrid lupines have been developed over the years specifically for use as ornamentals. These hybrids have become wildly popular cool summer perennials. Lupinus Russell Hybrids will typically will reach a height of 3 to 4 feet and feature huge erect spikes (racemes 1 to 2 feet tall) of densely-packed, pea-like flowers that bloom from late spring to midsummer on stiff stems rising from clumps of palmate compound green leaves (each leaf with 9 to 16 leaflets). Hybrid flower colors include shades of blue, purple, violet, yellow, pink, red, white, and bicolors.

How To Make Your Lupinus Russell Hybrid, Lupines Thrive

You will get your best results in organically rich, moderately fertile, slightly acidic, evenly moist, well-drained soils in full sun. Your best flower production is in full sun, but plants appreciate some light afternoon shade in hot summer areas. Good air circulation helps combat powdery mildew.

Lupinus Russell Hybrids

Photo Compliments of Kerry Wixted

Plants dislike the heat and humidity in Hardiness Zones 7 to 9 in the Deep South where they may be best grown as annuals. You should apply mulch around plants to help keep roots cool. Deadhead spent flower spikes to encourage additional bloom; this will help maintain plant vigor and prevent unwanted self-seeding.

General Lupinus Russell Hybrid, Lupines Information

Pests and Diseases

Slugs and snails may attack young plants. Powdery mildew and aphids can be troublesome to the point where cutting plants back close to the ground to regrow becomes a viable option. You may need to stake plants for support


Propagate from sideshoot cuttings in late spring to early summer.

Garden Uses
Lupines are an ideal choice for borders.

Quick Facts

  • Family: Fabaceae
  • Common Name: Lupine
  • Plant Type: Herbaceous perennial
  • Hardiness Zones: Zone 4 to 8
  • Height: 3 to 4 feet
  • Width: 12 to 18 inches
  • Bloom Time: May to July
  • Bloom Colors: White, red, pink, yellow, blue, purple or bicolor
  • Sun: Full sun
  • Water: Medium
  • Maintenance: Medium
  • Attracts: Butterflies

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  2. What an interesting and beautiful plant, I have never seem them before. Thanks, for visiting and commenting on my blog. Wishing you a wonderful 2016.

  3. These are a sign of spring for us!

  4. I’d love to have lovely lupines like these. The foliage is attractive too.

  5. I’m happy to see & learn about this beautiful garden flower 🙂

  6. Hi Charlie. Can you email me your address, you won the draw for the photo of the year, so I need your address to send a copy of the print to 🙂

  7. They are beautiful, but won’t be able tolerant Texas heat…

  8. We used to have plants like these in our garden when I was a small boy. They were dark purple and my brother must have looked at them with much the same expression that we looked at chocolate and candy because I remember my dad making a big point of telling us they shouldn’t be eaten. I still think they look delicious even now.
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  9. Really informative post, thanks Charlie. It’s too hot for them here in Italy but I’ve seen beautiful ones in the UK

  10. I love Lupins and always have several plants growing in the garden. That reminds me I do need to buy some more this spring. I must try to grow some from seed, it would save me a fortune.

  11. Love the look of this..

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