Magnolia × Brooklynensis ‘Yellow Bird’: Rare 3 Inch Yellow Flowers Bloom In April

Magnolia × brooklynensis 'Yellow Bird' Wendy CutlerThe genus Magnolia consists of just over 100 species (plus numerous additional hybrids and cultivars) of deciduous, or evergreen trees, as well as some shrubs. Most plants feature large simple leaves and showy, sometimes fragrant flowers (they can be yellow, white, pink, or even purple) which bloom in early spring before the leaves emerge, or in late spring to summer when trees are fully leaved.

Magnolia × brooklynensis ‘Yellow Bird’ is a hybrid which originated at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden as a cross between M. acuminata and M. lilliflora. This is a fast-growing deciduous tree that typically matures to a height of 40 feet over time. This is an upright, conical to pyramidal, deciduous, yellow-flowered hybrid magnolia. The goblet-shaped, yellow flowers (about 3 inches across) bloom in spring as the new leaves emerge. Elliptic to ovate, dark green leaves have entire margins. The leaves have no real fall color.

How to Make Your Magnolia × Brooklynensis ‘Yellow Bird’ Thrive

Ideal conditions are moist, slightly acidic, organically rich, well-drained loams in full sun to part shade. Your chosen location should be protected from strong winds, and should not include a southern exposure in full sun close to houses where buds and foliage may be induced to open too early in spring. This tree appreciates consistent and regular moisture throughout the year; it is generally intolerant of soil extremes (either too dry or too wet); you should mulch root zone. It should be noted this magnolia hybrid is difficult to transplant once it is established in the landscape.

General Magnolia × Brooklynensis ‘Yellow Bird’ Information

Pests and Diseases

There are no serious insect or disease problems; late frosts may damage flowers.

Garden Uses

This tree is an excellent specimen, small shade tree, or accent for sunny areas in the landscape and should be planted where spring flowers can be appreciated.

Quick Facts

  • Family: Magnoliaceae
  • Common Name: Magnolia
  • Plant Type: Tree
  • Hardiness Zones: Zones 4 to 8
  • Height: 20 to 40 feet
  • Width: 10 to 25 feet
  • Bloom Time: April
  • Bloom Color: Yellow
  • Sun: Full sun to part shade
  • Water: Medium
  • Maintenance: Low

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  1. Beautiful! I have never seen Butterfly Magnolia before. Thank you, Charlie! 🙂

  2. That is a beautiful magnolia. I’ve never seen one like it before.

    • The first one I saw was in the Washington Park Arboretum here in Seattle. The early ones were a soft buttery yellow, the latest hybrids are a much bolder yellow. They are really worth considering for your landscape.

  3. I saw pink ones while residing in Slovakia and they were adorable. These yellow are just amazing and one of my favorites color.

  4. I love the yellow, but I think I would regret that lack of fall colour. Maybe if it was just one of many? Are there any that do have fall colour? Though I must admit I am a traditionalist, and prefer the plummy or white magnolias.

  5. These are breathtaking. We had magnolias in Florida, except they were white not yellow. These really pop. Their scent is magnificent, but haven’t seen them here. The videos are fantastic.

  6. That is beautiful, a fabulous shade of yellow, we inherited a pink magnolia tree in our garden, a lovely sight in Spring!

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