Tuberous Begonia Non-Stop Mix is a beautiful choice for your shaded spots

Tuberous Begonias can be grown in beds, but I have had the best results in containers. It should be planted in fertile well drained soil in partial shade. Feed Tuberous Begonias monthly with a balanced liquid fertilizer. The ‘Nonstop’ Begonia series has large 3.5″ flowers. Plants will reach 6 to 8” in height and spread to 10 to 12”.  The foliage is a beautiful medium green with serrated edges.  The color selection is truly outstanding and includes orange, red, yellow, white, and pink.  Keep plants on the dry side.  Make sure to avoid water logging.  Dead heading is not necessary because the plats shed flowers as they fade, replacing them with new flowers

Tuberous Begonia plants can be kept as a house plant if they are in pots or tubers may be dug and stored until following spring. To store Tuberous Begonia tubers, dig them before the first hard frost.  Remove all soil, roots and foliage. Dust them with a powdered fungicide and store them in a brown bag with dry peat moss or sawdust, in a cool (45 degrees), dark area until spring. Just remember which side is up when you replant them!

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