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There is a wealth of information available through Washington State University to expand your knowledge of gardening or expand out into farming.  View the YouTube videos immediately below or use any of the links in the text for excess to information on the WSU extension programs.

WSU Extension Programs & Courses

Cultivating Success™ courses are available throughout Washington State. Courses are open to farmers and community members. Courses may be taken individually or in a series for a Cultivating Success™ Program Certificate.

Two certificate options are available for farmers and community members: Cultivating Success TM Certificate in Sustainable Small Farming & Ranching Level I or Level II.  Level I students will complete 2 classes plus a farm-based learning experience.  Level II students will complete 4 classes plus a farm-based learning experience.*

Sustainable Small Farming & Ranching  (Level 1 & II)

Participants will explore the advantages available to the small farm and ranch owner. Courses provide a broad overview of production and marketing options for today’s small farm.

Weekly presentations include local growers, organizations, and university specialists with expertise in direct marketing, value-added processing, production planning, agronomy, livestock production, and more.  n addition, two Saturday field trips will visit nearby farms to learn about different styles of successful small farm enterprises.  Whether you are just exploring the opportunities available or already have an existing operation, you’ll learn what it takes to create and sustain a viable small farm enterprise.

Holly Thompson has been leading the Cultivating Success courses for the past three years.  Holly is a WSU graduate in animal science and agriculture economics, Thompson has worked for Northwest Farm Credit Services as a loan officer and the Nestle Regional Training Center at Carnation Farm as the Public Relations & Conference Center Manager. She recently completed her MS in Agriculture Education through Washington State University.

Class Descriptions


Enrolling in a course is simple, contact the instructor listed (click listed for the courses and instructors) or email:


Cultivating Success™



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