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Reducing Your Home’s Carbon Footprint

Home's Carbon Footprint

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The effort to limit greenhouse gas emissions starts in each home. Carbon dioxide accounts for the majority of greenhouse gas emissions, and electricity makes up the largest portion of CO2 emissions. This means that in order to reduce your carbon footprint, you must look to the electricity-hungry appliances in your home with a critical eye.

Reducing Your Home’s Carbon Footprint

Some of the worst electricity-guzzling culprits are the desktop computer and clothes dryer.  Consider drying your clothing on a line outside in the warmer months.  Unplugging appliances and devices not in use can save you money, and send less carbon emissions into the atmosphere. A device not turned on can still be using power.  Make it a habit to unplug your counter top appliances all at once so you don’t forget; consider using a power strip to do this.  Adopting at least some of these measures is enough to reduce the size of your household’s carbon footprint…So, how large does your footprint really have to be, how much can you reduce it?

Source:  You can also get additional tips on reducing your home’s carbon footprint at EPA: Reducing Energy Use.

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