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Save Energy: Share Your Creativity

Save Energy: Share Your Creativity

Save Energy

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Save energy share your creativity…At the end of the day you measure a person by what it takes to discourage them…Not by the size of the problem, or how much of that problem they solved. We all find ourselves railing at problems that seem too large to solve, too overwhelming. It is the really rare human being who gets that smile on their face and says “what if”.

Sometimes a big part of the answer can be as simple as just turning the light switch off…Don’t you just love human creativity.

Find Your Own Path…Find a Solution to Our Energy Problems

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  1. Kudos, Charlie, on finding that Share Creativity video clip. Talk about a creative way to incentivize people to turn out the restroom light…

  2. Thank you for sharing my work and video, I am glad you appreciate the work. 😉

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