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Snoqualmie Ice Cream Snoqualmie Ice Cream

If we want sustainability and we want to impact climate change we need to vote with the dollars we spend. We have to search out local businesses (like Snoqualmie Ice Cream) that has incorporated sustainability in how their products are produced and how they are sold, and developed practices that reduce the harm they do to our environment.


  • In early 2011 ground was broken for a new farm adjacent to the Snoqualmie Ice Cream café and plant for cultivating produce for use in the ice cream as well as the café. Chicken coops and a small apiary were constructed to produce the freshest possible eggs and honey.   Sustainability doesn’t stop with the plant and farm; both are used to teach the importance of environmentally responsible living.
  • All of the milk and cream comes from local Washington dairies, and the owners use a lot of cream when making their gourmet ice cream products.


  • The parking lot is made of pervious concrete allowing rainwater to drain evenly, nourishing the native soil below. The rainwater moves through the ground replenishing the groundwater while also being absorbed by surrounding vegetation, or by evaporation. This reduces flooding by reducing the amount of water released into storm drains and pipes ensuring pollutants won’t reach streams that are homes for salmon and other wildlife.
  • Bio-filtration swales (bio-swales) are the ditches that surround the plant and farm that are lined with grass and plants to filter water and slow the runoff through them, releasing excess water back into the soil and reducing runoff that goes into storm drains nearby.
  • The plant features solar panels that generate renewable energy.
  • The location for the plant used to be a single-family home and as much as possible of the original structure during construction was preserved to minimize materials sent to landfills.
  • State of the art energy efficient lighting, refrigeration, and compressors along with heat recovery systems significantly reduce energy and water usage.
  • Waste heat recovered from the machinery in the ice cream making process heats the production plant and provides all of the hot water needed for production. Removing heat generated by the machines and utilizing it throughout the plant decreased the load on the cooling fans by 75%, significantly reducing electricity usage.
  • Energy for lighting was reduced by 50% by installing T5 fluorescent fixtures instead of metal halide lights in the production area.
  • The large ice cream freezer was originally cooled with water at a rate of about 200 gallons per hour. Through redesign, the freezer is now completely air cooled greatly reducing water usage.
  • During the planning stage the owners worked closely with The Sustainable Task Force of Snohomish County on how to implement a sustainable, low-impact design. Please Visit the website for the Snohomish County Office of Energy and Sustainability to find out more about sustainable efforts throughout Snohomish County.


The Snoqualmie Ice Cream Café is located in Maltby, WA, right outside Seattle. Ice cream production is done next-door to the café in a modern manufacturing facility. Many of the ingredients are grown on site, including the lavender for their French Lavender ice cream

Snoqualmie Ice Cream & Snoqualmie Ice Cream Café

21106 86th Avenue SE

Maltby, WA 98296

Café (360) 668-2912


Café Hours

11am – 4pm Tuesday through Thursday

11am – 5pm Friday through Sunday

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  1. This is really fantastic, Charlie. I wish more businesses would do the same. Thank you for posting this here.

    Now, I am wanting ice cream!!!

    Have a great week!

  2. I grew up (for a time) in Everett, even went to schools in the Mukilteo school district – it makes me proud to see a company like this coming from a place I think of as home.

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