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5K Race

Running5K Race

My personal goal is still 175 pounds.  The tactics are to improve my diet and more exercise, I am trying to walk 5 miles each day…10,000 steps.  If you want more information on that you can go to the Walking Site.  Motivation appears to somewhat of a stumbling block.  I typically walk by myself, but today I participated as a walker in the Shamrock 5K Fun Run and Walk, my first ever event like this.  It was a lot of fun and it did help me get the first 3 miles for today.  I would highly recommend trying this.  I have 2 more mile to go so I am going to the nursery and then the Bellevue Botanical Garden.


March 4th 2013 – 235 Pounds

March 11th 2013 – 225.5 Pounds



March 4th 2014 – 175 Pounds

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