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A Bucket List can turn a dream into a memory…believe

Writing it down is the first step in making a memory.   That was the reason for my “Bucket List”.  Putting it on paper and sharing it starts to make it real. 



  • Climb Mt Dickerman
  • Climb Mt Si
  • Bike all of the San Juan Islands
  • Take the train from Seattle to the end of the line in
  • Take the fairy to Prince Rupert
  • Hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon
  • Lose 50 pounds
  • Learn Meditation
  • Volunteer at the food bank
  • I want to walk to Spokane from Seattle
  • Hike in Patagonia
  • Ride a Bicycle through Tuscany
  • Ride my bicycle to Chicago
  • Take a glass blowing class
  • Become a good story teller
  • Work at the Woodland Park Zoo as a volunteer (preferably not with snakes or spiders)
  • I want to volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House and work with children
  • Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Sing Don’t Cry for Me Argentina with the Seattle Men’s Choir
  • Visit all 388 national parks in the US
  • Visit all the state parks in Washington
  • Attend Comic-Con
  • Drive from Forks WA to Los Angeles on Hwy 101
  • Visit New Zealand
  • Sit under the Survivor Tree
  • Sleep in a tent at Yellowstone
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Visit Denali Park
  • Take my girl friend to visit the Caribbean Islands
So what would you like your special memories to be when you get to the bottom of your list?  Share your list, share the dream.


  1. Krista Scanlon says:

    I LOVE IT!!!

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