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Calling all frogs in search of a princess

The world is full of princesses and frogs.  It’s the foundation for everything else in our world.  I think we have this mechanism built into us to know the moment we come across either without any uncertainty, and of course the certainty how that moment will come to play a role in our own lives.  Gradually there is this much sadder realization that comes from this precious moment and that is how seldom we are touched and moved by our world, by people who need us, and by people who we need, even if we don’t know it yet.

In real years Alice seems to be a normal 15, but when you read her bucket list you realize she is vastly older than that.    Alice’s Bucket List begins with the desire to have everyone sign up for the bone marrow donor list.  Seldom do we see a list like this that starts with a wish for others.  Alice’s blog is the simple hope that she can share a small piece of a very hard world.  As you read down the list it is her wish to go whale watching.  It would be difficult, if not impossible, for her to be able to go whale watching in Washington, but it is possible for Seattleites, Washingtonians to share some personal YouTube footage of Washington whales.  One of my first jobs included duties in an adult step-down cardiac unit.  There was a unique occasion when we took in a toddler who was not much larger than the pillow at the end of his bed.  A friend of the family, or family member had brought a stuffed shark that was almost large enough to fill the adult sized bed.  I think it made me smile every time I entered the room.  I finally realized that everyone who entered the room smiled, and laughed a little, that was the gift.

This is a request to all who read this message (this is my message in a bottle), for locally shot, personal, YouTube video that can be shared.  Anything about whales I can get I will put up on by blog and if it gets more than 5,000 recommends or likes I will have the person who created the video send it off to her.  The video should be funny; it should be beautiful, and it should inspire.  It should be what you would send your own 15 year old daughter if you could only share one piece of video.

You can go to her blog by clicking Alice’s Bucket List.

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