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Loosing Weight

Blueberries Loosing Weight

Good News:

I lost a pound when I weighed in on Monday.  Again it doesn’t sound like much when you say it out loud, but I am starting to feel it, I am starting to visualize my goal.  The biggest success is that my blood sugars are now in the normal range.  Blood sugars should run 70 to 100 milligrams per deciliter when you get up in the morning; mine is now 90 or so.  I have upped the amount of hot green tea (you need the oil that is released when it is steeped) that I drink.  The diet coke is now gone from the fridge; this is truly the act of a desperate person.  I am trying to increase both the amount of water I drink.  I am told water can increase your metabolism.  We will see if this plays out well.  I walk to and from work about 5 miles each day.  This is being increased with side trips so I am doing 3 or 4 walks each week that are 5 to 7 miles.

Bad news:

I had my first really bad foot blister.  It healed but I was really concerned I would be sidelined for a while.  Fortunately it healed quickly and I did not have to stop walking.


By heading out the door and walking for 5 to 6 miles I am discovering things in my own neighborhood that sadly I have been driving right by for years.  On today’s 6 mile walk I discovered 3 more sequoia tress that I had failed to notice.  I discovered the McAuliffePark Pea Patch which is less than 5 miles from my home, and I saw my first lilacs in bloom today. While at the Juanita Beach area I explored the restored wetlands which I had not seen before. All-in-all today’s walk was a pretty special trip.


March 4th 2013 – 235 Pounds

March 11th 2013 – 225.5 Pounds

March 18th 2013-225 Pounds

March 25th 2013-225 Pounds

April 4th 2013-225 Pounds

April 11th 2013-225 Pounds

April 15th 2013-223 Pounds

April 22nd 2013-222 Pounds





March 4th 2014 – 175 Pounds



  1. Congratulations on any weight loss. I also have a hard time drinking enough water because I really don’t like water. I’ve also discovered amazing, unknown things in my neighborhood-ther’s nothing better than walking through an area if you’re trying to get to know it.

  2. Great news! Keep up the good work! I like the occasional neighborhood walk, you do see things of interest that you hadn’t noticed before.
    Watching Seasons recently posted..Nature in your Yard – What’s a Lion’s Tooth?My Profile

  3. Well done on your weight loss. I’m told that 1 or 2 pounds a week is the best way to lose, then it stays off rather than crash dieting – and all that walking! You are doing well. My resolve to walk has been broken by the rotten weather again. I must get back to it. I’m trying to work up to 10,000 steps a day but am averaging 5-6000 only. I’ll get back to it.

    So glad you are noticing more things as you walk! 🙂
    Goldenboots recently posted..Last Night’s Moon, Nest Building and A Miniature HorseMy Profile

  4. Congratulations on good progress! Especially great news on the blood sugars! Intriguing that water speeds up the metabolism.
    debsgarden recently posted..The Beauty is in the DetailsMy Profile

  5. Good news Charlie. And oh, the world you actually SEE when you walk. Go Charlie go!
    Margie recently posted..SIMPLE PLEASURESMy Profile

  6. Way to go, Charlie 🙂

  7. Congrats, Charlie! You’re walking a good distance, and walking is the best exercise (low stress on the body). Keep up the good work!

    I agree with you about walking around your neighborhood. You can see quite a bit that you never expected to see nature-wise, and it gives you a totally different experience on foot than if you were driving by.
    Watching Seasons recently posted..A Warbler Trapped in a Duck Blind.My Profile

    • Indeed, the world is actually a beautiful place if you stop to look at it once in a while. One of the amazing things you notice is that each little neighborhood with its own micro climate affecting when things bloom.

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