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Seattle-Washington web cams can give you an eye on your world

Washington State and Seattle web cams can be an eye on our orld.  They can show you road conditions, weather, and give you a hint of what your day could be.  I have listed a variety of web cams that might be useful for your journey today.
Fifteen weather cams cover metropolitan Seattle, Sea-Tac Airport, the waterfront, and outlying areas of interest.
Traffic cams from Marysville to Auburn.
Traffic Cams state wide that are managed by the Washington Department of Transportation.  This is a very extensive
and in-depth network.
Forty one Ferry Cams give you a pretty good idea as to what
the ferry commute we be like on any given day.
These are web cams at Pacific Highway-Blaine, Affotsford-Sumas, eace Arch-Blaine, Aldergrove-Lynden, and Blaine-Whiterock.
Welcome to Mount St Helens.
This is a controllable web cam that can give you a 360 degree vew.
If you have a favorite web cam that you will like to share please include it in comments and I will add it to the list so others can acess the site.

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