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So what is your Seattle definition of spring?

We all have that special moment, that special event that defines spring for us.  Several years back I put a 20 X 20 porch on the front of my house and landscaped to surround the porch with Lilacs, Wisteria, and climbing roses.  The first day that it is sunny and you can sit in the swing breathing in the lilacs that is my definition of spring.  It took a while this year, and we struggled, but we got there.  This year I made a special attempt to have a very eclectic mix of pots and plants on the porch to give just the right mood.  When that all comes together it is spring.

I knew today would be that day so I walked through the Bellevue Botanical Gardens perennial beds and I went out an cut herbs for tea to build that moment, and when I sat down in the porch swing this afternoon  it was perfect, a little late this year, but perfect.

Welcome all to this new season, welcome to spring.

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