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We burned 400 million gallons of gas today

The USA consumes 400 million gallons of gasoline every day. This red hot demand for gas has pushed gas prices to record highs. In many areas, fuel prices can vary by 20-30 cents per gallon or
more. Do your part…

Lose the extra weight. Bob Toth, director of new products and innovation for  Goodyear, suggests emptying the trunk of excess junk.  He says “You can save 1 to 2 percent of your  fuel by getting rid of an extra 100 pounds”.

Keep your speed down. Most vehicles “have their best efficiency at 40 to 50 miles  an hour,” says Roger Clark, a fuel economy engineer at General Motors. “Every  10 miles an hour above those speeds, you lose four miles a gallon.”

Do all your errands in one trip. You’ll save if you group them together rather than doing
one in the morning and another in the evening. It takes a lot of gas to start a  cold engine and get it running at peak efficiency.

Avoid idling. In 2009, Phil Reed, the senior consumer advice editor at  the car guide, found in tests that drivers who cut idling to no  more than one minute can typically make their gas last 19 percent longer.   “Looking for ways to reduce excessive idling is an untapped area of fuel

Carpool.  Sure,  we’ve heard this a million times, but “you could cut your transportation costs
by half or more,” says Sarah Lippman, a spokesperson for the Clean Air Campaign, a Georgia
nonprofit. You can find Washington state options to carpool, bike, walk or take  public transportation to work by going to Washington WSDOT.

Go easy on the air conditioning. Don’t turn it off if you’re baking, whatever you’ll save
isn’t worth it, and keep in mind that rolling down the windows on the freeway  won’t gain you much: The drag from the air rushing into the car could cancel  out whatever gas savings you’re achieving by going AC-less. AC compressor is a  huge drag on gasoline efficiency, so if you’re driving around town at less than  top speeds, lower those windows, or at least set the air conditioner to low.

Check  those gas-saving websites.   Before you leave the house, check out websites that tell you what stations in  your area have the cheapest gas. You can try  or


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