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Weight Loss…The Story Continues

Bananas Weight Loss

Good News:

I lost two more pounds when I weighed in on Monday.  Sadly it doesn’t sound like much when you say it out loud, but the trend is down.  My blood sugars are now in a more normal range which is also a big help.  My consumption of foods with fiver is up; I am eating two servings of fruit in the morning as snacks and two in the afternoon.  Bananas and apples are top of the list, but I am diversifying.  Water has become part of my ritual (8 glasses a day).  Soda is now almost gone from the shopping list.

Bad news:

I am walking about 5 miles a day and went through my first round of blisters on my feet, and have really mild shin splints.  It seems right now that I will be able to walk through that.  The blisters came and resolved without having to stop walking.  The hot tub and Bengay seem to work for the shin splints, at least for now.  I have come to realize the Bengay has a social cost.


March 4th 2013 – 235 Pounds

March 11th 2013 – 225.5 Pounds

March 18th 2013-225 Pounds

March 25th 2013-225 Pounds

April 4th 2013-225 Pounds

April 11th 2013-225 Pounds

April 15th 2013-223 Pounds





March 4th 2014 – 175 Pounds


  1. 2 pounds sounds pretty darn good to me because I know how hard it is to lose them. Congratulations! I’ve heard that wrapping with an ace bandage helps shin splints better than just about anything else.

  2. 12 pounds in 11 weeks, congratulations! No soda is good thing. I love fruits. Lately, I heard Pineapple, like berries, is ranked as superfood because it can boost the immune system. Thank you for sharing the good news!

  3. As far as I am concerned Charlie, you are kicking butt and taking names!! Good for you. Keep it up! One of your many cheerleaders.

  4. Charlie, you are amazing, and a true inspiration.
    Two pounds sounds pretty darn good to me!

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