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I need to reduce my weight so my tool of preference to assist me is a walking program. Walking at a moderate pace for 30-60 minutes burns stored fat and can build muscle to speed up metabolism. Walking an hour a day can cut down on my risk of heart disease, colon cancer, diabetes, and stroke.

Walking burns calories and fat, what speed is appropriate, how long and how often to walk, and methods to track my activity are found in the steps below.


The benefits of a regular walking program are real and quite broad.

Physical Strength: Physical strength is one of the most popular reasons for starting a regular walking routine. Building strength in your lower body, muscles, tendons, and ligaments can greatly reduce the daily effects of fatigue and aging. Building physical strength also helps prevent future injury to muscles and bones due to increased stability.

Weight Loss: Gaining more muscle helps you lose weight from fat. The motion of the extra weight from fat moving up and down helps to break it down into more manageable portions for the body to get rid of. Losing weight greatly reduces the risk of heart attack and other weight related illnesses.

Heart Health: Walking helps build healthy heart muscles and increase the amount of blood the heart can pump. Having a healthy walking schedule also helps reduce the risk of heart attack and increases the amount of blood the heart can pump without over exerting itself. A healthy heart can increase length and quality of life.

Helps Prevent High Blood Pressure: Healthy arteries alone cannot prevent high blood pressure. However, getting your arteries to work does. When walk you your arteries expand and contract harder than usual. This allows them to stay just as fit as the rest of your body. Keeping your arteries elasticity up by walking is a great way to maintain a healthy blood pressure. This reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Reduce Effects of Diabetes: A regular walking schedule can actually help reduce the effects of diabetes on the body. Studies show that regular exercise can actually help maintain a healthy blood sugar and reduce diabetic resistance to insulin. Having more manageable blood sugar can increase the types of food you can eat, and decrease the amount of medication you need.

Joint Strength and Stability: Walking not only increases strength in your leg muscles, it also increases the strength of your tendons and ligaments. Increasing the strength of your tendons and ligaments increases joint strength and stability. This can greatly reduce the risk of ankle, knee, and hip injuries.

Increase Bone Density: Impact sports and activities, such as walking, can actually improve your bone mineral density. As bone is stressed as your foot impacts with the ground, the body recognizes this stress. Because of the stress that has been applied to it, the body sends essential materials to create new bone to the stressed areas. The result is stronger, denser.

Overall Mental Health: Chemicals released while running can actually help people over come symptoms of depression, and anxiety

Running-Walking Event Sites

If you need involvement with others, competition to succeed and walking more often you can uses any of the sites below to help you.

Running in the UDS

Road Race Runner

Jog Run Race

Evergreen Trail Runs

Race 360

Runner’s World


  1. Walking is by far one of my favourite activity and when I take my camera with me, I love it even more 🙂
    Anyes – Far Away in the Sunshine recently posted..On a sunny dayMy Profile

  2. Sounds like I should join you!
    paulinemulligan recently posted..Snow for St. Patrick?My Profile

  3. I have started to just walk around town with a destination in mind, but allowed my path to just vary and found some absolutely amazing gardens, inspirations, and art that I had no idea existed; hidden treasures.
    Charlie@Seattle Trekker recently posted..Raised Garden BedsMy Profile

  4. I walk 3 miles a day, about 55 minutes at a good clip with my dog, Quincy. I would rather walk outside than anywhere. I love what being in the fresh air does for my soul, and yes, it really helps with weight control (if you make good eating choices) AND is so good for your head. Keep on tuckin’ Charlie!
    Margie recently posted..MORNIN’ SUNSHINE!My Profile

  5. Love your blog. Thank you for stopping by and sharing a bit of yourself.

  6. I just got released from the doc to start walking after a few major back surgeries…can hardly wait to get started! 🙂 I have enjoyed going thru your site…so much info here!
    Tammy recently posted..FlirtatiousMy Profile

  7. Walking should be the easiest exercise. I keep planning to go but then find excuses. There is a bear in our neighborhood. It is too hot, too cold, too buggy. I will do it tomorrow. Must get past the irrational rationale and just Go! Thanks for this bit of inspiration Charlie.
    dorannrule recently posted..Fencing Fields and SkyMy Profile

    • The signs are already up in our area to let you know how to respond to both bears and cougars. The amazing thing about that is that if you are in bear country that if you go early in the day you will share the path with deer, raccoons, coyotes, and even eagles that have gotten out early, or are still out, looking for breakfast.
      Charlie@Seattle Trekker recently posted..BunchberryMy Profile

  8. I would also add that a local site for races and outdoor activities can be helpful. I know I follow a few in my area. I found the sites I use from local running stores.
    Amy recently posted..Travel Theme: PathwaysMy Profile

    • I have also found the bike shops provide a wealth of information on trails that are mixed use. Washington State, my county, and the cities all have listings of walking and running trails. I would imagine that to be true for you as well.

  9. Wonderful information about walking! Good to know these benefits. Thanks, Charlie!
    Amy recently posted..Weekly Photo Challenge: FleetingMy Profile

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