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Ravenna Park , Cowen Park, and Ravenna Creek Bed is an easily accessible walking trail tucked into urban Seattle by the University of Washington campus.

Park Information

The walk from one end to the other (walking from Cowan Park to Ravenna Park) is only a half mile but if you add up all the trails in the park, you come up with 4.5 miles of trails. These are used by locals, as part of their walking or jogging routes. There is little elevation so it is also ideal for rehab.

Many enjoy both parks by walking east from Cowen Park to Ravenna Park, entering at University Way NE and NE Ravenna. When you first step through the old Cowen Park entrance gates on the corner of Ravenna Boulevard you will come across a lawn with a baseball backstop that is tucked beside children’s play equipment, an aluminum sundial with a hand pointing to true north, and four large cast bronze sculptures showing development of a tadpole into a frog. If you keep moving along the main path you will make a slight descent that takes you into the ravine that connects both parks.  The sides of the ravine are clothed in mature second growth maples, firs, and cedars.  Above the main path that runs along the floor of the ravine (on either side) are the easy north and south trails of the Ravenna Park Trail System.  These were built and are now maintained by the Friends of Ravenna Park. Along the main path you will cross a small bridge where you can stop to take in Ravenna Creek. If you climb up the south trail to street level you will find a small parking lot. There you find a picnic area, an historic restroom, and old tennis courts, protected from the wind by a line of tall poplars. You can return to Cowen Park along one of the alternative side trails, taking you west along Ravenna Creek, and back to your car or bus stop.  The park opens at 4 AM and closes at 11:30 PM.  The park covers 8.4 acres.

Auto Access

From I-5 Northbound, take the NE 65th St. exit. Turn right on to Ravenna Blvd to 20th Avenue NE and go left. The parking lot entrance is a bit hidden, a driveway on the right.

From I-5 Southbound, take the N 85th St/NE 80th St exit. Follow the sign to NE 80th St.
Go east on NE 80th St to 15th Avenue NE. Turn right on to 15th Avenue NE to a left turn on Ravenna Blvd. Take Ravenna Blvd to 20th Avenue NE., turn left and follow to the end where a driveway leads to the parking area.

Bus Access

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Bike Access

Burke-Gilman Bike Trail

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