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A beautiful forested walk within the Seattle metro area

Bridle Trails State Park is a wonderful walk for any busy  day.  In the middle of Seattle’s “east side” is a 482-acre, second-growth forest park crisscrossed with more than 28 miles of trail.   It is a true find so close to Interstate 405! The trails are well maintained, though often muddy in the winter. A Trail map is available for anyone who wants one.  The terrain is gently sloped and the trails are wide and very well marked. Except on the parks outside edges, you’d never know you weren’t deep in the forest. The acreage is mainly lowland forest, typical of the vegetation which once covered Puget Sound. The woods abound in Douglas-fir and western hemlock, with some western red cedar, big-leaf maple, and alder mixed in. You can get a more complete plant listing by clicking park vegetation list.  The park is known for its riding trails and summer weekend horse shows.  The perimeter-oriented Coyote Trail is a three mile loop.  There are two other named routes, the Trillium and Raven trails.  Elevation gain is minimal, perhaps 150 feet.  You ill encounter some rills, minor ravines and ridges. There is a spacious parking lot on the east side of the park at 116th Avenue Northeast, just south of Interstate 405 Exit 17.  Click map of Bridle Trails State Park for directions to the park.

Watch the vido on the home page for a vision of what you can expect.


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