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5th Ave Theater 5th Ave Theater sing along…Grease

The producers at the 5th Avenue Theater that brought you the sing along Sound of Music movie now bring you Grease the sing along movie.  The theater will be packed with both children and adults (many in full costume).  These are the folks that performed in every Christmas pageant, participated in choir in both high school and then of course college, and some in civic organizations; they have a passion for theater, singing, movies.  They know the words to each song, they know the words to the dialog, and they understand and appreciate the technical production of the film.  The tickets are cheap at $19.  So come, dress up, and sing along.  If you are not one who knows all the words to your favorite hit songs the words show on screen.  The evening begins with awards for the best costumes.  The showings run from September 7th through 9th.  You can buy tickets or get seating for the theater from the information link.  Groups of 10 or more save 20%.  There is also a movie trailer if you need just a touch more encouragement.

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