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ACT Theater Presents “Uncle Ho to Uncle Sam”

ACT Theater The story of the American immigrant is heavily bleached and sanitized until it is almost unrecognizable by those who lived through such events.  Triu Tran serves up the reality of this journey in his one-man show “Uncle Ho to Uncle Sam,” that is now premiering at the ACT Theater.

Trieu Tran takes you from his native, war-torn Vietnam to his adopted home of Saskatoon, Canada, and then to the Boston streets of his adolescence. Tran imparts a classic immigrant’s journey. Born just before the fall of Saigon, he flees the North Vietnamese with his mother and siblings for North America.  This is not the storybook version. Trieu helps you to see the toll of terror, grief, rage and brutality of this journey from the inside as it exacts an almost overwhelming price.

The narrative in “Uncle Ho to Uncle Sam,” is delivered by Tran with intensity that intermittently slips into self-deprecating humor, and at times hip-hop jive.  You can be assured your attention will not slip during the 90 minutes of the telling of this story.

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