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SIFFSeattle International Film Festival

One of the largest and best-attended film festivals in the United States, the Seattle International Film Festival has more than 150,000 moviegoers each year. The 25-day festival presents more than 250 features and 150 short films from more than 70 countries during its run.

The Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF), is held annually in Seattle, Washington and has since 1976, it is among the top film festivals in North America. SIFF has run for more than three weeks (24 days), in May/June, and features a diverse assortment of predominantly independent, foreign films and documentaries.

Must Do

The R. Kelly Trapped in the Closet Sing Along is a “Must Do”.

This started in 2005 and has become a cult classic.  It is a string of increasingly bizarre series of video that tell a rhyming tale.  It started with a one night stand with a preacher’s wife, leads through a web of preposterous lies and outlandish plot twists that range from used rubbers to an asthmatic midget male stripper to a stuttering pimp.  This saga has been building for seven years.  There is nothing more Seattle than this.  If you can only afford one event, this is it.  . The saga has been building for seven years now—with new chapters premiering on IFC this month!


Ticket prices run from $2,850 for the Platinum PLU Pass down to $25 for a single showing.  You can go to the SIFF to purchase tickets and for more cost information.


Go to the Seattle International Film Festival website for more details.

Seattle International Film Festival Lineup  

The Seattle International Film Festival has not announced its full lineup, what they have released represents 75 countries with screenings of 273 feature films and 187 shorts.

Highlights include Disney/Pixar’s latest animated film “Brave”;  “As Luck Would Have It” starring Salma Hayek; “Robot and Frank” starring Frank Langella and Susan Sarandon; “Lola Versus” starring Greta Gerwig; Sarah Polley’s “Take This Waltz”; Fernando Meirelles’ “360”; and Wes Anderson’s new film “Moonrise Kingdom.”

The festival will be hosting a number of galas for films such as Lyn Shelton’s “Your Sister’s Sister,” which will be the Opening Night Gala film; Daniel Cohen’s “The Chef” will be the Centerpiece Gala film; and Stephen Gyllenhaal’s comedy “Grassroots” will the Closing Night Gala film.

Lineup of Announced Films


Your Sister’s Sister, dir. Lynn Shelton

Grassroots, dir. Stephen Gyllenhaal

The Chef, dir. Daniel Cohen

Fat Kid Rules the World, dir. Matthew Lillard

Robot and Frank, dir. Jake Schreier

Lola Versus, dir. Daryl Wein

As Luck Would Have It, dir. Alex de la Iglesia

Starbuck, dir. Ken Scott

Gayby, dir. Jonathan Lisecki

The Details, dir. Jacob Aaron Estes

Special Presentations

Brave, dir. Brenda Chapman, Mark Andrews

Diaz – Don’t Clean Up This Blood, dir. Daniele Vicari

The Last Reef 3D, dirs. Luke Cresswell, Steve McNicholas

People Like Us, dir. Alex Kurtzman

Trishna, dir. Michael Winterbottom

Feature Premieres

419, dir. Ned Thorne – USA

American Addict, dir. Sasha Knezev – USA

The Beautiful Game, dir. Victor Buhler – USA

Camilla Dickinson, dir. Cornelia Duryée Moore – USA

City World, dir. Brent Chesanek – USA

Duck Beach to Eternity, dirs. Stephen Frandsen, Hadleigh Arnst, Laura Naylo – USA

Earthbound, dir. Alan Brennan – Ireland

Easton’s Article, dir. Tim Connery – USA

The Empty Home, dir. Nurbek Egen – Kyrgyzstan/Russia

Free Throw, dir. Court Crandall – USA

Fugly!, dir. Alfredo de Villa – USA

Grassroots, dir. Stephen Gyllenhaal – USA

Joshua Tree, 1951: A Portrait of James Dean, dir. Matthew Mishory – USA

The Long Ride Home, dir. Tom Wright – USA

The Most Fun I’ve Ever Had With My Pants On, dir. Drew Denny – USA

Recalled, dir. Michael Connors – USA

The Revolutionary, dirs. Lucy Ostrander, Don Sellers, Irv Drasnin – USA

The Savoy King: Chick Webb and the Music That Changed America, dir. Jeff Kaufman-USA

Short Life, dir. Scott Levy – USA

Sin Bin, dir. Billy Federighi – USA

The Standbys, dir. Stephanie Riggs – USA

True Wolf, dir. Rob Whitehair – USA

Welcome To Doe Bay, dirs. Nesib Shamah, Dan Thornton – USA

White Camellias, dir. Russell Brown – USA

4 Days in May, dir. Achim von Borries ­– Germany

6 Points About Emma, dir. Roberto Pérez Toledo ­– Spain

170 Hz, dir. Joost van Ginkel – Netherlands

The Blindfold, dir. Garin Nugroho – Indonesia

Chapiteau-Show, dir. Sergey Loban – Russia

A Checkout Girl’s Big Adventures, dir. Pierre Rambaldi – France

The Chef, dir. Daniel Cohen – France

Coming Home, dir. Frédéric Videau – France

The Convoy, dir. Alexey Mizgirev – Russia

Diaz – Don’t Clean Up This Blood, dir. Daniele Vicari – Italy

Dragon Pearl, dir. Mario Andreacchio – Australia

The First on the List, dir. Roan Johnson – Italy

The Fourth State, dir. Dennis Gansel – Germany

Fuck My Wedding, dir. Nicolás López – Chile

The Glass Man, dir. Cristian Solimeno – United Kingdom

Joan and the Voices, dir. Mikayel Vatinyan – Armenia

Kill Me, dir. Emily Atef – Germany

Là-bas: A Criminal Education, dir. Guido Lombardi – Italy

The Last Man on Earth, dir. Gian Alfonso Pacinotti – Italy

Nosilatiaj.Beauty, dir. Daniela Seggiaro – Argentina

Otelo Burning, dir. Sara Blecher – South Africa

Prime Time Soap, dir. Odilon Rocha – Brazil

Remington and the Curse of the Zombadings, dir. Jade Castro – Philippines

Sharqiya, dir. Ami Livne – Israel

Silence: All Roads Lead to Music, dir. Haider Rashid – Italy

360, dir. Fernando Meirelles – United Kingdom

Coteau Rouge, dir. André Forcier – Canada (Québec)

Countdown, dir. Huh Jong-ho – South Korea

The Crown Jewels, dir. Ella Lemhagen – Sweden

Everything and Everyone, dir. Tracy D. Smith – Canada

Hail, dir. Amiel Courtin-Wilson – Australia

The Last Friday, dir. Yahya Alabdallah – Jordan

Legends of Valhalla: Thor, dirs. Gunnar Karlsson, Toby Genkel, Oskar Jonasson – Iceland

Lipstikka, dir. Jonathan Sagall – Israel

Lost in Paradise, dir. Ngoc Dang Vu – Vietnam

Lost Years, dir Kenda Gee, Tom Radford – Canada

The Mirror Never Lies, dir. Kamila Andini – Indonesia

Salt White, dir. Keti Machavariani – Georgia

Starry Starry Night, dir. Tom Shu-Yu Lin – Taiwan

Tey, dir. Alain Gomis – Senegal

Wickie and the Treasure of the Gods, dir. Christian Ditter – Germany

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