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The Nutcracker

NutcrackerThe Nutcracker

This is the opportunity to create that special moment.  It is the one you remember forever, and the one they remember forever.  It is dress up with gowns and ballerinas.  It is the ball scene in Beauty and the Beast, but real.  This is your chance to ask your daughter, your niece, sister, wife, or girlfriend to share something absolutely perfect.  Put on your best suite, shine your shoes wash your car so it sparkles; and remember “real men” smile when they watch the snow scene knowing how that impacts the person next to them.  There are so few moments like this in life.  As a guy this is your Three O’Clock High moment, so, don’t screw this up.

About PNB’s Nutcracker

The Nutcracker is the brilliant result of collaboration between the Pacific Northwest Ballet Founding Artistic Director and choreographer Kent Stowell, and renowned children’s book author and illustrator Maurice Sendak.  Sendak designed the scenery.  The PNB’s Nutcracker premiered to national acclaim in December 1983 and has run continuously since that time. Part of what makes the Nutcracker special are the 86 children’s roles in the Nutcracker that are performed by rotating casts of Pacific Northwest Ballet School students.  The performances run from December 7th through the 29th at McCaw Hall.  Performances feature over 200 dancers, gigantic moving sets, and a snowfall every performance.  Tchaikovsky’s beloved score is performed by the PNB Orchestra.

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    • Oh how I can relate! We just went to Toronto to see the National Ballet at the 4 Seasons Centre and it was so lvleoy! I’m so excited this year because as an adult (41) I began ballet classes for the first time and beginning tomorrow will be preforming in The Nutcracker!! Ah! I am dancing as a dad in the opening scene and as a Gardener, which depending on the version would be the Bee in the Waltz of the flowers. My role is modest and quite small, according to my ability. But none the less it’s still the Nutcracker and I’m so entirely excited. I’m telling you this to encourage you to find a class and do it again! It’s just so lvleoy to dance. In my head, I look like my instructor, in the mirror it’s a whole other story, but in my 40 s I just don’t care! I hope your able to make your dancing dreams come true again. My daugther is The Sugar Plum Fairy and I couldn’t be prouder. We’re looking so forward to 4 days of Nutcrackery! Thanks for posting this, you made me excited!

    • What fun timing to read this acrltie our oldest son (23) is taking his little twin sisters (12) to the Nutcracker this next week! They don’t know yet, it’s a surprise, ssshhhhhhhh! I wish I was going to see the looks of wonder on their faces. I went with my hubby the year we got engaged, 25 years ago, and loved it! And we took our oldest when he was little too now he carries on the tradition. Love the holidays for this very reason so many traditions and memories to savor for a lifetime. Your boys are so precious, reminds me of my three boys so close like stair steps all grown up now at 23, 21, 18. Wonder if they will go with me still? Thanks for the walk down memory l;ane!

  2. This is probably my FAVORITE holadiy thing. When I was younger I always wanted to dance in this ballet, although my turn-out wasn’t good enough for my ballet teacher to move me up to pointe so I quite. So I moved on to cheerleading. I now have a two year old son and cannot wait for him to be a little bigger to start taking him to the plays, especially this one; and my husband and I go back and forth on wanting another child (we want a boy and a girl) but since we cannot guarante a Girl for the second one we are hesitant to try again because TWO boys for us would just be crazy!!! I don’t know how you do it with THREE boys and ONE girl!!! I also wanted to say again that you are a true inspiration to me and I wish that we could be friends in real life .

  3. Ah, the Nutcracker. One of my very favorite Christmas triadtions. I too danced as a girl, although I didn’t have the right body type to be a ballerina, so I was never in the Nutcracker. My daughter made her debut in a regional production of the Nutcracker two years ago as a gingerbread cookie. It made this mama so proud.Even though I couldn’t be a ballerina, I did have the opportunity to work for Ballet West for a few years in Marketing and PR, and I always loved Christmas time and their beautiful production of the Nutcracker. I would sit and watch it several times during the season, and for me, at least, it never lost its magic.xoxoWendy

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