The Elio P5: Is a $6800 Commuter Car That Gets 84 MPG Possible

Elio P5

Photo Compliments of Mike Troiano

This 3-wheeled commuter vehicle will go on sale in the U.S. for $6800 by Elio Motors in Q4 of 2016. This car gets 84mpg highway and 49mpg city with an all-new 3 cylinder .9L engine. The Elio will be built in the USA, and has the potential to change how we commute in America.

Arizona startup Elio Motors introduced its P5 prototype vehicle in LA this past fall. The car is unique because of its blend of financial accessibility and low operating costs.

Thus far, 47,331 interested parties have plunked down cash to reserve cars. The ‘four musts’ in the design of this vehicle is that it get 84 mpg, that the price is $6,800, driver safety, and that it not incorporate any new technology. Every part on this vehicle is either in production, or comes with slight modifications from something that’s already in production.

Combined with an ever-growing list of suppliers, an inherited production facility from General Motors, and a “decent margin” embedded in the car’s base price, Elio is confident that the car’s fourth quarter 2016 release date will come to fruition.

Quick Facts

  • 49/84mpg city/highway
  • $6800 Brand New
  • 3yr 36,000mi warranty
  • New 3cyl .9L fuel injected engine
  • A 12:1 compression ratio, uses regular gas
  • 5 speed auto or manual transmission
  • 2 seats
  • Safety: ABS, stability control, 3 airbags
  • Standard: Power locks and windows, AC,
  • 90% American parts…Made in the USA

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  1. very cool! Thank you for sharing, Charlie!

  2. Cute.
    Donna@GWGT recently posted..What Inspires You?My Profile

  3. I love that it gets over 80 miles to the gallon, but it is such a guy toy…At the Boeing Museum of Flight here in Seattle they have a jet fighter that you can sit in the cockpit; there is always a line of guys that spans the ages from barely walkers to those needing a cane waiting for their few minutes in that seat. We are going to see quite a few P5’s around town here.
    Charlie@Seattle Trekker recently posted..Leucojum Aestivum, Summer Snowflake: An Absolute Favorite First of Spring BloomMy Profile

  4. this car looks like indian tata car 🙂
    nice blog btw

  5. Do you know if the Elio will be in the Seattle -Everett,WA area in 2016? I understand that Pep Boys will be the service centers for the Elio.


  6. The website at

    currently shows over 57,000 reservations for this car.

    • I have heard that, I’d be interested to see how many they actually deliver from this group. The new product release date was scheduled to be this fall, I’m holding my breath that they release on time.

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