Reduced Bus Fares

Reduced Bus FaresThe Regional Reduced Fare Permit (RRFP) entitles senior riders (age 65 or older), riders with a disability, and Medicare card holders to reduced bus fares on the following public transportation systems that cross the Puget Sound region. The RRFP provides a discount for all of the participants below:

Participating Transit Systems Providing Reduced Bus Fares

Metro Transit
Community Transit
Everett Transit
Pierce Transit
Intercity Transit
Jefferson Transit
Skagit Transit
Kitsap Transit
Sound Transit
Mason Transit
Washington State Ferries
King County Water Taxi
South Lake Union Streetcar

Reduced Bus Fares

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With the Regional Reduced Fare Permit eligible persons do not need to carry more than one permit to receive reduced bus fare benefits across the entire system. The RRFP is an Orca card, but not all systems use it as an Orca card, some only use it as proof of discount.

I live in Seattle so King County Metro is my mass transit system. When I get on the bus in King County I tap the reader with my RRFP which is an Orca card and the reader on the bus determines that my fare is at the discounted 75¢ fare. I can transfer to additional buses for up to 2 hours before I am charged an additional 75¢; if I get off the bus and get on a bus for one of the systems below the 2 hour transfer time applies. If I get off the bus and get on the ferry I show my card and my discount is 50%.

Community Transit
Everett Transit
Pierce Transit
Sound Transit
South Lake Union Streetcar
Washington State Ferries

How Much Does an RRFP Cost

The Regional Reduced Fare Permit costs $3. There is no charge to exchange an existing senior or Permanent RRFP for an ORCA RRFP.

Rate Information…Reduced Bus Fares

Adult age 19-64 $2.25 to $3.00 (depends on zones and peak or off peak)
Senior with RRFP 75¢
Youth age 6-18 $1.25
Children Age 0-5 years Up to four children age 5 and under ride free with a person paying an adult fare

Service animals for persons with disabilities: Free
Dogs that fit in owners’ laps and other small pets: Free
Large dogs: Pay the same fare as their owner

Peak Hours

Monday to Friday 6 to 9 AM and 3 to 6 PM


The city of Seattle is one zone and all other areas outside the city but within King County are a second zone. Any time you cross the Seattle city limits, you have passed from a one-zone fare to a two-zone fare. Any time your trip begins or ends on a zone line, you pay a one-zone fare.


If you are using an ORCA card\RRFP you get a two-hour transfer that is good on all transit buses, Link Light Rail, Sounder trains, the King County Water Taxi and the Seattle Streetcar. Just tap your ORCA card at the ORCA reader next to the fare box at the front of the bus when boarding.

Where is the ORCA RRFP Issued

Exchanging a Senior RRFP

Seniors may trade in their old Regional Reduced Fare Permits at a Customer Information Office and ORCA To-Go mobile sales events. You can trade in your old Senior Regional Reduced Fare Permit for an ORCA RRFP at any time. You can mail or bring in your old permit, and receive an ORCA RRFP at no charge.

Exchanging a Permanent RRFP

Permanent Regional Reduced Fare Permits are available at the King Street Center Customer Information Office and ORCA To-Go mobile sales events.

ORCA To-Go Sales (representatives attending festivals)

If you would like to print and complete the form and mail it to King County Metro click “How do I apply?” and follow the instructions.

King County Metro Online

If you have basic metro bus issues go to King County Metro Online.

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