A1C Too High, Weight A Problem, Heat Disease: The Free Drug Is The Seattle Bike Program

A1C Too High, Weight A Problem, Heat Disease: The Free Drug Is The Seattle Bike Program

Photo Compliments of Stephen Reese

Photo Compliments of Stephen Reese

Why The Seattle Bike Program Is So Crucial

The Seattle Bike Program should be part of the answer in your struggles with diabetes, weight problems, and struggles with heart disease.  It is your opportunity to improve your health and I might add cut your carbon footprint.

Seattle Bike Program

Seattle, the surrounding suburbs, Washington State are all using biking as a great way to provide safe, affordable, healthy, travel choices that encourage us to enjoy our communities; the Seattle Bicycle Master Plan is one of the primary tools being used to reach this vision. Over the last four years the Seattle Department of Transportation has invested more than $36 million in bicycle improvements guided by the plan. Improvements were funded through the voter-approved Bridging the Gap transportation levy and include 129 miles of bike lanes, 98 miles of signed routes, and 2,230 bike parking spaces. This year the Bicycle Master Plan is again being updated.  Seattle is now  working toward the goal of tripling the number of cyclists, and to reach this goal expanding bicycle facilities that focus on short, neighborhood trips and improvements that appeal to a wide variety of bicycle riders. Go to your city website to get specific information on plans in your area.  If you want a copy of the Seattle Master Plan click Bicycle Master Plan.

Information And Eight Tools To Bike More…Further

  1. Seattle’s Bike Map; Downloadable bicycle map for Seattle, Online bicycle map
  2. King County bike map
  3. Washington State bike maps by city
  4. Washington State bike map
  5. How to combine bike and bus transit in King County, Metro Transit
  6. How to combine bike and bus Transit in Snohomish County, C0mmunity Transit
  7. How to combine bike and light trail, SoundTransit
  8. How to combine bike and Sounder Trail, SoundTransit

Bicycle Facts

  • Time to drive from University District to Pike Place Market in light traffic: 15 minutes
  • Driving time during rush hour: 35 minutes
  • Cycling time, moderate pace: 30 minutes
  • Time to park car: 5 – 25 minutes
  • Time to park and lock bike: 1 minute
  • Number of bikes which can be parked in one car parking space: 14
  • Number of bicycle racks on public sidewalks in Seattle: 2,800
  • Estimated construction of Park and Ride Costs: $17,000 per stall for surface lots, and $25,000 per stall for structured parking (per King County Transit Planning)

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  1. Nice post! Would love to bike in Seattle!

  2. Sounds like a great plan; hopefully we will get something as good when our city is rebuilt.

  3. I also like to bike. It is so true that by the time you drive the car and find a parking space, you can be there by bike 🙂

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