Follow Your Heart: Be a Collector of Perfect Moments

Be A Collector Of Perfect Moments

Photo Compliments of Nick Kenrick

The thing that gives such power to Atticus Finch in to Kill a Mockingbird is he lived the best life he could each moment.  He approached the complexity of our world with all the energy and the passion that he had, and he shared it all with those around him.

Follow Your Heart: Be a Collector of Perfect Moments

Happiness is how you live, how you treasure each moment,how much you share.…Time truly waits for no one, stop waiting, there is no better time to be happy than right now. 

Happiness is a journey, work because you love what you do; love like you’ve never been hurt, dance for the sheer joy of it, laugh until your stomach hurts.

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  1. Excellent videos. Thanks for bringing them to us, Charlie.

  2. Very inspiring video, Charlie. Love the GBH quote and all the others. I hope I can learn to hear those whispers. 🙂

  3. “We beat the reaper by living fully.” Isn’t that a fantastic statement to reflect on. I have watched the speech that Randy gave several times. So powerful. Wonderful words of inspiration from Will Smith as well. A great way to start my morning Charlie. Thank you!

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