Close Your Eyes and Jump

Close Your Eyes and Jump

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Isn’t it absolutely amazing how each decision changes the journey, changes our path through life. Sometimes what we think is small and inconsequential later can become so huge, especially when it’s compounded with other decisions, and of course tangled circumstances we could never understand at the time. So often the choices we make changes our path ever so slightly inching the arch of our path one direction or the other, and sometimes the choices we make, well, the impact is huge and immediate; the one truth seems to be that the impact is almost always irreversible, it can sometimes we mitigated, but it is always on some level irreversible.

With just one simple choice you can change the direction that your life is headed. Isn’t that simply amazing? If you have the courage, you can make a single choice and change the course of your life forever.

All the choices that we make aren’t always going to be good, but hopefully we learn something from those bad choices that we make on life’s journey. Usually the bad choices were made before we thought about the repercussions of those choices, or good know.

I think the one thing that all of us with a little maturity have concluded is the major decisions are based on such stunningly little real information…probably because something’s are just unknowable. How much did you really know about the person you married? What you really knew before the baby arrived and what do you know now…how did that change the path your life is on?

Close Your Eyes and Jump

I thought the one thing we all learn is that we all try to choose a direction in life and then at a certain point we just have to close your eyes and jump…

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  1. Lot’s of truths jammed into this post Charlie. My theory is to follow one’s gut by leaning into the direction that looks like the right way to go and just keep taking one step at a time/making one decision at a time. Some things are unknowable so we just have to make our best guess & jump!

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