Letters from Home

A Letter From Home from Mark Kirkland on Vimeo.

Letters from Home

It touches your heart in a way that nothing else does, or certainly ever will, it lasts a lifetime; a first love, and knowing it because the feelings fill up every corner of your heart. Laughing, smiling, touching, hugging; all of those precious moments put into cardboard boxes, piled up high, and pushed back into the recesses of your heart, waiting to be opened again at some future moment. Now you hold your breath for days and months, and sometimes years. Every knock at the door, every time the phone rings your reflex is to look down at the floor feeing the beginning of tears…your one horrible; crushing fear grows at moments like this. We have changed from hand written letters to e-mails and Skype, but the distances that separate us during war are so immeasurable, the e-mails…the letters from home are such a fragile bridge. Letters from home are one of the universal truths of war.

The video is inspired by filmmaker Mark Kirkland’s late step father, 1st Lt Omer Dwight “Whit” Whitwell, who served as a combat rifle platoon leader during WWII and his letters from home.


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