Isn’t This Ride Through The Universe Amazing

Ride Through The Universe

Photo Compliments Of NASA

Our adventure is this amazing roller coaster ride through the universe on the planet earth. Karma, something has placed us here, at this point in time; so put your arms up in the air, laugh wildly, scream with childish joy, oogh and aah like a ten year old child, this is going to be amazing beyond what is imaginable.

I have to admit that what constantly consumes my daily thought is that we are both a drop in this giant ocean of space and time, and we are this ocean. We are both standing on the earth looking out into the vastness of our universe, thinking about it, and at the same time we are a thread in this giant tapestry.

Our story, when it is told, will be no less amazing than the caterpillar that is on its journey to become a butterfly…

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  1. Charlie it is almost beyond comprehension the small bit we play in the universe. What a stunning video. I especially liked the shooting stars.

  2. What a powerful powerful post, Charlie!There is so much yet I desire to see on this earth and my phase of my Life right now, once over, I’ll be there exploring. I am so in awe of Mother Nature and our role we have while on this earth. If people would grasp that they are Divine Beings all connected to the same Source, to one another, and to everything in existence, can you imagine the Glorious way we would live? You truly are an amazing man, Charlie. I am just so honored to call you friend. Love, Amy <3

  3. The video is amazing, those images astounding. Yes, we might be small but oh so mighty.
    Donna recently posted..Philly Tale to TellMy Profile

  4. This is a wonderful video and well worth another viewing.. Thank you..Michelle

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