All Things Are Possible

All Things Are PossibleAll Things Are Possible

When you see the impossible happen you see a long chain of people and events that got us all to that moment. It takes someone who is willing to get in the ring and struggle and succeed, but it also takes a long chain of people who pushed that moment up a very steep hill…we call that team work and it makes all things possible. When you hear beautiful music, you hear that truly amazing teamwork, what it is telling you is that all things are possible.

The common discourse of humans makes it seem almost impossible that something as beautiful and touching as music is possible; the fact that humans can come together to produce such a thing is testament that truly all things are possible.


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  1. Yes! It takes teamwork to accomplish great things for the pleasure and benefit of humanity. What we need is more human teamwork in more vital areas. Your post is inspirational.
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