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Throughout 2010, donor and volunteer efforts have enabled RAM to deliver free medical, dental, and vision care to thousands of medically under served or uninsured individuals and their pets.

  • 13,058 Volunteers provided free care to
  • 22,983 Patients, in
  • 42,585 Patient Encounters, with a total
  • Value of Free Care of $9,862,980.

Dental volunteers made it possible for

  • 13,240 dental patients to receive
  • 10,515 fillings,
  • 3,162 cleanings, and
  • 21,190 extractions

Vision volunteers helped provide

  • 10,721 vision patients with eye exams, and distributed
  • 7,756 pairs of new eyeglasses

Medical volunteers provided several types of screenings and treatments to

  • 17,721 medical patients, including
  • 903 mammograms

Stan Brock

Today, the burning passion of Stan Brock is providing healthcare for the uninsured in America. Appreciating the uniqueness of this man as a driving force you need a little context; you need to know that he sleeps on a grass mat in the basement of an unheated building. He has no bank account, no house, no car, and no possessions of any value; and the most important fact is that he is living his dream. He is touching more lives with greater impact than at any point in his life. In his early thirties, Stan Brock was co-starring on one of America’s most popular television shows, seen by 32,000,000 viewers every week.

Stan was born in England and educated in its best schools. A passion for adventure, spurred by an unsettled family life, led him to visit the wilds of the Amazon rainforest in his late teens. He never left. For the next fifteen years, he lived among the Wapishana Indians, working a cattle ranch in an area so remote that the nearest doctor was 30 days away. The English schoolboy became a “jungle cowboy” – as rugged and expert in the ways of the wilderness as any of the Indians he befriended.

Discovered on a location shoot by the producers of “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom,” he left for the U.S. and spent five years as Marlin Perkins’ rugged partner on the wildlife adventure show. Stan was a familiar figure in homes across the country as he traveled the world to wrestle anacondas, lassoed giraffes, and captured lions for the television cameras. On these journeys, he saw something that changed him forever: primitive, isolated people who, like the Wapishana, suffered and died as they had for centuries with no access to medical care. He vowed to do something about it. After another network series, he left the world of entertainment, sold everything he had, and founded the Remote Area Medical Volunteer Corps.

Stan Brock has organized and conducted more than 650 missions around the world. And he has kept his promise to return to the Wapishana – setting up a permanent medical clinic and a bush plane rescue service to reach the most remote rainforest villages.

In recent years, the challenge has changed. Now, sixty percent of RAM’s expeditions are not to the developing world but to depressed regions of the United States – Appalachia and other areas where the unmet need for medical care is overwhelming. Millions of uninsured and underinsured go for years without seeing a doctor or dentist. Through RAM’s free clinics, many thousands now receive free medical, vision and dental care. The value of care delivered is measured in tens of millions of dollars. In suffering eased and lives saved, the worth is incalculable. He now plans to bring the RAM model to every state in America.

Stan Brock, a 76 year old man, is a fascinating…he is the mirror who gives us as American a pretty good view who we are and who we can be.

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