Americans Aren’t Exceptional: We Just Have No Quit

We Just Have No Quit

Photo Compliments of Geert Boeraeve

We are the sons and daughters, the grandchildren of immigrants.  America is this amazing melting pot of risk takers and those looking for one more chance.  As a country we are an amalgamation of misfits, pirates, and those who just couldn’t get along on any other spot on earth.  We aren’t an exceptional people, but we are amazingly fortunate to have inherited that leave-it-all-on-the-field mentally that has taken us to the moon and back, an attitude that has no quite.

Americans Aren’t Exceptional: We Just Have No Quit

The man in the video is pretty typical of my experience with those who would cross the earth looking for a chance to make his life, or her life all that it could be, humble, and grateful for just a chance.  To give meaning to their lives immigrants enrich and inspire all those who share community with them.

We Just Have No Quit

Photo Compliments of NASA Johnson

In the very depths of the depression when this nation had been knocked down and we were on our knees we as a nation of immigrants we chose to answer the call by building the Empire State Building; we built this amazing American icon in a year, under budget, and we did it mostly with first and second generation immigrants. During certain periods of building, the frame grew at astonishing four-and-a-half stories a week.  It didn’t take someone exceptional to do that, it took someone who just wouldn’t quite; the newest to make it to our shores are here to keep that flame alive for us, and for them.

We are all on our way to someplace else; we will not measure and describe the tiny time we have on this planet by the mark we leave, it will be measured by the lives we help to leave their mark on the world.  Steve Jobs said it best, “live a life you can love”.

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  1. ledrakenoir says:

    Of course americans do their mistakes just like all of us – but never the less I do adore americans and their country so much – like all other countries they could be better, but still US is wonderful fascinating… 🙂 🙂

  2. Yes, flawed and imperfect. And with the advent of the internet and social media, our flaws and imperfections are now even more evident. As you say, we are a nation of immigrants- a fact which some would tend to ignore. And we should all be held with the highest of respect as members of the same family.

  3. I agree with Jobs. One must live the life they can love. Always have and always will…
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