Worst Movie

BEST WORST MOVIE Official Theatrical Trailer from Magic Stone Productions on Vimeo.

Worst Movie

Tolls 2 rose to the top of the worst movie of all-time list and stayed there for close to 2 decades; the leads were relegated to the scrap heap we call profound failure. One actor turned to obscurity and dentistry in Alabama to hide from this event in his life. Surprisingly the movie is starting to gain a cult following, and the long forgotten lead actors have started to gain star status.

A documentary has been produced to help us understand how a movie rated as the worst movie of all time, worse than Killer Tomato’s is now gaining new found popularity.


On RifTrax Trolls 2 has risen dramatically and is now rated 14th Worst film of all time.

Empire has them rising from worst of all time all the way to 25th worst of all time.

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