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5 Unique Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

5 Unique Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

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We do have a great deal of control over our health and quality of life; getting daily exercise, enough sleep each night, and what we eat are all areas that impact our energy level and how good we feel, and how good we feel in the future.

Drinking lemon water as part of a morning ritual to improve health has a lot of current buzz, and for good reason. I wanted to know why I should be including this in my diet and this is what I found.

5 Unique Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

1. Lemon Water as Detox and Cleanse

This is one of the first claims you hear when it comes to lemon water, and usually the most overstated. Lemon water brings with it the primary compound known as Citrate. This is a naturally-occurring inhibitor of toxins. The Citric acid enhances your body’s ability to naturally flush out these unwanted toxins.
Studies indicate that in cases where toxins have built up in the body, the lemon juice and peel have cleansing properties. Using lemon water, especially after meals may help you lower the amount of toxins in your body.

2. Improve Digestion with Lemon Water

Citrus flavonoids are the primary cause of improved digestion when drinking warm lemon water. They aid in the assimilation of food, helps prevent fatty liver, decrease chances of cardiovascular disease, fat-lowering, and reduced insulin resistance.

Citrus flavonoids act as a great digestive tonic, with appetite suppressing abilities. It has also been shown to calm an upset stomach, or mild indigestion.

3. Alkalize with Lemon Water

The basic idea is your body has certain acids that can build up causing negative side effects such as acid reflux, upset stomach, acidosis, and beyond.

If you plan to use lemon water or alkaline drinking water to manage your body’s acid levels you should speak with your doctor first.

Lemon water is a safe and effective way to manage your pH levels and achieving healthy alkalinity may benefit in bone health, reduced muscle wasting, decrease chances of hypertension and strokes, improved cardiovascular health, and improved memory.

4. Weight Loss: Appetite Suppression

This claim should be approached with caution since any new health fad that becomes popular can get turned into a “fat burning miracle”.
Early findings indicate pectin and polyphenols are the main substances found in lemons that could be the reasons for weight loss and appetite suppression.
The good news is that water has been shown to aid in weight loss. Lemons are a wonderful inducement to drink more water, hopefully as a replacement for sugary drinks.

5. Reduced Wrinkles and Improved Skin

This claim states benefits from both drinking lemon water and applying topically. Lemons have been found to be high in antioxidants which are linked to anti-aging properties. The primary cause of aging comes from free radicals that cause the breakdown of various tissues in the body, namely skin. Research shows that plant derived antioxidants were able to reverse the breakdown of collagen fibers in the skin. Collagen gives skin its strength, structure, and plumpness while protecting the skin from absorbing toxins.

First Step

The first step is to try this each morning, journal your results…

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