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When we stepped through the first set of doors it was like entering an airlock designed to protect the occupants that were inside the next set of doors.  There was a young girl who was assigned to this area and it was her job to prepare us for what was to happen.  Three adults and two children would be making this trip.  The young girl made the two children in our party who looked to be between seven and nine read all of the rules on the large wall mounted display, one after the other, and promise they understood.  She pulled from them a seriousness that they were getting to see something, feel something, that would be the privilege of very few humans. I spent the last three three years  building my yard into a sanctuary for butterflies and enjoyed them immensely when they visited the yard especially the larger Western Swallowtails, but once I had entered the Butterfly House I spent an hour just sitting on the wall in the garden watching small children experience butterflies that swirled around them, it was an amazing feeling. The butterfly house is a 4,000 square foot immersive exhibit; it is a garden unlike any other in Seattle.  About 500 tropical butterflies are imported weekly, from South and Central America, Africa, and Asia.  The pictures and the YouTube vido are fabulous, but are not adequate to paint the whole picture. It is like photographs of the Grand Canyon.

Ticket prices, hours, parking information, as well as the science around butterflies is all available on their website, just Pacific Science Center Butterfly House .  You can also reach the science center by clicking MetroTrip Planner.

If you are an avid gardener you will want to tour the grounds.  The gardens are rich, diverse and very enjoyable.  If you are traveling with children there is a very special added bonus for them as well.  If you are on the grounds of the science center and it is a hot day you might want to, well click and see for yourself (Added Special Surprise).


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