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almondsFoods that Improve Memory

Food is one of the primary factors in optimizing brain function and preventing brain disease. Listed below are brain foods, and how they work.

  1. Eating oily fish is vital for the brain and nervous system. Fish such as sardines, anchovies and salmon contain the essential omega-3 fatty acids, many of which are directly involved in brain function, they improve communication between brain cells, leading to better overall brain health.
  2. Hot chilli peppers are actually a great brain food and contain an extremely large amount of vitamin C (more, in fact, than oranges), essential for the brain.
  3. Pumpkin seeds are full of zinc, a mineral which has been shown to boost memory. There are many ways to enjoy them, and you only need around a handful a day to keep your brain in top shape.
  4. Tomatoes play an important role in preventing brain disease, as they contain the antioxidant lycopene, which destroys free radicals in the body. Eating tomatoes can help protect against such brain diseases as Alzheimer’s Syndrome.
  5. Broccoli is another brain food that just can’t be beaten, containing vitamin K, vitamin C and antioxidants. Vitamin K is involved in proper brain function, and can help prevent age-related dementia.
  6. Nuts of any kind contain vitamin E, which has been implicated in preventing memory loss, and they’re also full of healthy fats.  Almonds and walnuts are in great supply this time of year.
  7. The cacao bean (yes, the bean from which chocolate is made) has been proven to increase brain health. It is best to have a few squares a day of a dark chocolate with a very high cocoa percentage, like 85%.
  8. Blueberries have long been celebrated as a super food, and rightly so. Not only are they good for your bodily health, but are full of antioxidants and vitamins that fortify your brain health too.
  9. Flax seeds are full of the very healthy fat ALA, which is involved in brain function, and there are many ways to enjoy them, from breads to porridge to mixing them with other foods.  I mix flax seeds into steel cut oatmeal that I eat in the morning.
  10. Finally, eggs provide the essential nutrient choline, which is only produced in the body in small amounts. Choline, in one form or another, actually makes up a large portion of the mass of the brain, so eating eggs can make a very significant difference to your brain health.

Go improve your brain health, start today.


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