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5 Major Health Benefits of Running

5 Major Health Benefits of Running

Health Benefits of Running

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The benefits of running as a form of exercise are so well documented.  The fact that it requires almost no expensive equipment, the learning curve is unbelievably short, and there are lots of events to choose from if you need the motivation.

1.  Physical Strength

Physical strength is one of the most popular reasons for a running routine. It builds strength in your lower body. This includes improving the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that greatly reduces the daily effects of fatigue and aging. Building physical strength also helps prevent future injury to muscles and bones.

2.  Weight Loss

Gaining muscle helps to lose weight. The motion of the extra weight from fat moving up and down helps to break it down into more manageable portions for the body to then eliminate. Running also helps tighten the skin as you lose weight.

3.  Body Systems Your Health

Running helps build healthy heart muscle and increases the amount of blood the heart can pump. Having a healthy running schedule reduces the risk of heart attack. A healthy heart can increases length and quality of life. Getting your arteries to work harder than normal can help to prevent high blood pressure. When you run, your arteries expand and contract harder than usual maintaining their elasticity. This allows them to stay just as fit as the rest of your body.

A regular running schedule can actually help reduce the effects of diabetes on the body. Studies show that regular exercise can actually help maintain a healthy blood sugar and reduce diabetic resistance to insulin. Having more manageable blood sugar can increase the types of food you can eat, and decrease the amount of medication you need.

Studies show that slowly adding a running regimen to your schedule can actually reduce the effects that asthma has on your life, and it can also reduce the amount and the severity of asthma attacks. This is because your lungs and bronchi are strengthened over the time that you run.

4.  Joint Strength & Stability

Running not only increases strength in your leg muscles, it also increases the strength of your tendons and ligaments. Increasing the strength of your tendons and ligaments increases joint strength and stability. This can greatly reduce the risk of ankle, knee, and hip injuries.

5.  Improved Mental Health

Chemicals released while running can actually help the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and bipolar disease. This is the case even in severe cases. Exercise and the accomplishment can also give you a better personal image of yourself. Feeling happy with who you are, and being satisfied with yourself is the best way to boost your mental health.

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  1. Great article! I used to jog, now I walk a lot.

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