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Puget Sound farmers markets…locally grown fresh fruits and vegatables

Puget Sound farmers markets…locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables

Farm-fresh produce abounds as King County offers more than 30 farmers markets offering a tremendous variety of fresh, affordable, and locally grown produce and other agricultural products.  Buying local, farm-fresh products is good for your budget and supports area farmers.  Many farmers markets also offer farm-fresh eggs and meat, while some markets sell farmer grown and produced cheese, wine and other products. To find a farmers market click Puget Sound farmers markets.  If you would like a schedule of what produce is available from local Washington farmers in season click “Puget Sound harvest schedule”.  Buying local means consumers get to choose from the freshest foods possible while supporting our region’s small farmers, whose working fields provide beautiful open spaces.  King County farmers also raise pork, beef, chicken, and fashion their own artisan cheese, and other dairy products that can be matched with fresh produce to make a great meal.  If you enjoy the farmers market experience you may also want to visit the farms themselves and buy direct through several programs.  You can find farms available through the Farm Fresh program by clicking Farm Fresh.  If you would like assistance in expanding the scope of what you cook from the farmers market and local farms there are cooking classes available as well throughout Puget Sound.

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