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7 Reasons Sleep Plays Such a Critical Role in Health


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It’s estimated that driver sleepiness is a factor in about 100,000 car accidents each year, resulting in about 1,500 deaths.

The Health Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

1.  Sleep Provides The Time To Repair Your Body

Your body repairs itself while you’re sleeping strengthening your ability to fight infection and stay healthy.

2.  Sleep Plays a Role in Heart Health

Sleep can also help keep blood pressure and cholesterol levels (which plays a role in heart disease) in check.

3.  Sleep Reduces Your Stress Level

A good night’s sleep can help lower blood pressure and elevated levels of stress hormones, a natural result of today’s fast paced lifestyles.

4.  Sleep Improves Memory

When you are deprived of sleep it is more difficult to concentrate. This often leads to memory problems with facts, faces, lessons, or even conversations. Sleeping allows your brain to organize and correlate memories.

One of the great benefits of sleep is that it allows your brain to better process new experiences and knowledge, increasing your understanding and retention.

5.  Sleep Helps Control Body Weight

Sleep helps regulate the hormones that affect and control your appetite. Studies have shown that when your body is deprived of sleep, the normal hormone balances are interrupted and your appetite increases; this is what makes you crave foods high in calories, fats, and carbohydrates, and results in a trip to the candy machine on the third floor of your building.

6.  Sleep Affects Diabetes

Lack of sleep may lead to type 2 diabetes by affecting how your body processes glucose.

Other research initiatives have revealed that adults who usually sleep less than five hours per night have a greatly increased risk of developing diabetes.

7.  Healthy Sleep Reduces Mood Disorders

With insufficient sleep during the night, many people become agitated or moody the following day. When limited sleep becomes a chronic issue, studies have shown it can lead to long-term mood disorders such as depression or anxiety.

Sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being throughout your life. Getting enough quality sleep at the right times can help protect your mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety.

Additional Information Sources

WebMD – Sleep Deprivation and Memory Loss

Mayo Clinic – For your health make it a habit to get adequate sleep

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  1. These are excellent reminders Charlie! Says se who is up late reading blogs and answering comments. 🙂

  2. Our new Subaru Outback beeps rapidly several times if it detects the car has begun crossing the painted lines at either edge of a lane. I can also turn on a feature (though I haven’t yet tried it) that automatically eases the car back into the lane at that point.
    Steve Schwartzman recently posted..Ice is white, and so are frostweed flowersMy Profile

  3. Great information and facts about sleep. Thank you, charlie!
    Luckily, I’m a morning person. 🙂
    Amy recently posted..Cee’s Fun Foto: White Flowers and Mono Madness 2-40My Profile

  4. This was an interesting post and a timely reminder about the importance of sleep. You’ve got me a little worried about falling into a vicious cycle, though, with sleep deprivation affecting my memory so much that I forget to go to bed on time.
    Bun Karyudo recently posted..Teenagers and the (Temporary) Death of HumorMy Profile

  5. Great post! Sleep is so important. A good nights sleep for everyone is definitely a priority in our home.

    • Thanks for dropping by Maria. It is an area that I’ve personally had to make some adjustments to improve my own health. Most of my life I have been staying up until 2 and 3 in the morning to write, I have had to adjust how I fill my day.

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