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Storytelling is addictive

FeetStorytellers have the power to bring us together, make us laugh, help us heal, and break down walls that separate us. They hold our histories, and they hold our dreams. Storytellers weave tales using nothing more than their voices, hands, and imaginations.  They draw on oral traditions passed down for generations; storytellers relate cultural folk tales, fairy tales, tall tales, autobiographical stories, and their own inventions.  Our world, or worlds, have become an array prepackaged images and thoughts.  Storytelling is the connection of your heart to their heart, your eyes to their eyes.”  A good storyteller will take you on a journey to build those thoughts and images step-by-step until a whole new world is revealed to you.

The range of focus within the storytelling community is astounding. Some storytellers focus on children’s stories or humor, others on folklore and ethnic preservation. Some want to bridge communities and even nations, while others aim to help heal people and bring comfort. Their backgrounds are also as varied as their styles and specialties, although some former experience in teaching, writing or performing is not uncommon.

Seattle Storytellers Guild

Seattle has a seasoned community of storytellers who network through their own nonprofit organization, the Seattle Storytellers Guild. The guild was founded over 25 years ago by Clare Cuddy, whose goal was to promote storytelling.

The guild membership includes professional storytellers, writers, folklorists, traditional storytellers, oral historians, speakers, musicians, elders, ministers, health professionals, librarians, and teachers. Storytellers of all levels and interests are welcome.”

Go to the Seattle Storytellers Guild calendar for detailed information on events, dates, and locations. You can also go to the Guild Facebook page for additional information

The Moth Seattle Storytelling Meetup Group

The Moth Seattle Storytelling Meetup Group is an opportunity to meet other local Storytellers and all those who enjoy the art of Story Telling! The group is inspired by The Moth.  You will be telling your own stories from your own life or yarns woven from the spirit moving in the moment. For inspiration check out the Moth podcasts  and join the group to share.

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