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Your diet has a huge impact on how you feel, how much you weigh.  You think seriously about what you put in the gas tank of your car.  That analogy holds true for what you put in your stomach.

Less than 10 percent of Americans eat legumes (lentils) on any given day. The reasons for adding lentils to your diet are very simple.  Lentils are high in protein and other essential nutrients, including folate, iron, potassium, and a slew ofantioxidants, each with its own special nutritional value. The iron may help fight off anemia, which is especially common among those with low-iron diets.  Lentils are also low on the glycemic index, meaning they cause blood sugar to spike less quickly than other starches.  There are serious claims that a diet high in whole grains and legumes may boost weight loss.  Lentils’ are a slow-burning protein, the high level of fiber may be to thank. Each lentil is packed with cholesterol-reducing soluble dietary fiber.  Lentils have three times more fiber than one serving of bran flakes (a popular source). Gram-for-gram, lentils have more protein than beef. Plus lentils are a cheap alternative to the beefier stuff when eating on a budget. Fans of quinoa may even be surprised to learn that for about the same amount of calories, a cup of cooked lentils has more than twice the protein and dietary fiber.  Unlike other fruits and veggies, which can leach nutrients when cooked, the body actually absorbs the calcium, iron, and zinc from lentils more easily after the lentils are cooked.

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