Free, or very deeply discounted, some of the best gardening books and information sources

Seattle City LibraryThe best sources of gardening information in the Puget Sound Region…Have you been to your library lately?

King County Public Library

KCLS has thousands of books, videos and magazines to help you with your gardening and landscaping projects that are available through a library card (click to apply) that costs you nothing. As well as the traditional sources of information the library staff has compiled lists of web sites on a variety of gardening topics. Use the library to get help choosing plants, propagating plants, amending soil, planning your garden, building a shed, creating a beautiful patio and putting up trellises and gazebos.

 Some information can be found in traditional books (catalog) and magazines (listings) on library shelves. But KCLS also offers many online resources. With eBooks, eJournals, and eVideos, you can get the help you need in the comfort of your own home — or from your laptop while sitting in your garden! You can visit your nearest KCLS library (complete list with hours, locations, and directions to find them), or through the King County Library website.  If you need assistance call or use live chat to connect with the library.

 Seattle Public Library

 The Seattle Public Library is equally innovative and impressive.  Both libraries stepped into the 21st century some time back and they have been waiting for you.  The library also has a strong offering of gardening books (catalog), videos, eBooks, and eVideos.  If you don’t have a library card (it is free) click the Seattle Library Homepage. You can use chat, exchange e-mails, or call for further assistance.

Half Price Books is not free, but…

Half Price Books has eight stores in the Seattle (click for locations) area making gardening books available at 50% or less and has had a strong selection at deeply discounted prices for a number of years.  If you are a member on their mailing list they will soon be mailing a 50% discount coupon and the warehouse sale is next week-end.  You will see books that you pay $8 to $30 available at that time for $3.  If you want to fill your shelf with gardening reference books, now is the time.


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